Generation Blank

Our generation has been labeled as many things. We have been called Millennials, Generation Z, Tech Generation, iGeneration, and the Information Generation, just to name a few. All of these labels are creative, but that is exactly what they are, labels. Labeling our generation for us, in a way confines us to what the preceding generations desire for the future.

Generation Blank allows us to fill in that spot with whatever we want. Allowing this generation to name itself, teaches us to take control of our future and holds us accountable to its outcome. Nobody can truly name our generation for us, only we hold that power. This concept is important to embrace in this modern society, where everyone's differences are accepted and encouraged. Each person fills in that blank differently, because each person has a different passion, and defines themselves differently. Generation Blank encompasses everyone and will grow and change with each individual as they do.

TEDxYouth@Louisburg 2016 was an enormous success. Thanks to the help of a large number of people, 100 guests, youth and adults alike, gathered on May 26th, 2016, for an evening of ideas worth sharing.


Dr. David Carter

Dr. David W. Carter is a historian, best-selling author and educator, specializing in military and social history. Dr. Carter has earned the reputation of a Servant Leader, having served in the United States Air Force as a combat engineer, as a Kansas police officer, and in a variety of higher education institutions to include his current position at Washburn University as the Farley Visiting Professor of Ethics and Leadership.

Dr. Mark Johnson

Dr. Johnson is currently a university professor in technology and workforce learning in the College of Technology at Pittsburg State University (PSU), Pittsburg, Kansas. For more than 30 years, he has been an advocate for student achievement and success, in and out of the classroom, having served as president of a local school board as well as president of the Association for Career and Technical Education-Trade & lndustrial Division (ACTE T&l) and a member of the ACTE and SkillsUSA National Boards of Directors.

Dr. Julie Connor

As a speaker, author, award-winning educator, and goal-setting strategist, Julie Connor, Ed.D., prepares youth to be leaders and adults to be mentors and role models. She has inspired and motivated young people – and empowered adults, teachers, pastors, and administrators with skills and tools to collaboratively lead with teens – for more than 30 years.

Grayson Anderson, Bree Christy, Taylor Sears

Grayson Anderson

Grayson Anderson is a sophomore at Louisburg High school. She is involved in Band, Debate, Volleyball, Track, and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). Grayson is a Staff Sergeant in the Civil Air Patrol, an active participant in her church's youth group, and a volunteer at Youthfront camps during the summer. Grayson is passionate about space and she loves to learn about anything space related. She also enjoys reading, traveling, skiing and spending time with friends. After high school she plans to attend college and major in Astronautical sciences and dreams of working for NASA or Boeing.

Bree Christy

Breeana Christy is a sophomore at Louisburg High School. She is involved with the school’s dance and color-guard team, along with dance outside of school. She contributes to the high school’s yearbook, and is also a part of Model UN. Bree is passionate about dogs, donuts, and diamonds. Along with those things, Bree is very interested in politics, puns, pizza, and powerpoint presentations.

Taylor Sears

Taylor Sears is a sophomore at Louisburg High School. She plays flute for the high school band. She recently went to the State Music Festival with her flute trio, and received a first division rating. Taylor was on the school's debate team for two years, and went to the state Forensics tournament her freshman year. Taylor is also a contributor to the Louisburg High School yearbook. Taylor enjoys spending her spare time reading, listening to music, and online shopping. She loves pancakes, pasta, and puppies. Taylor's biggest goal in life is to have enough money to buy five dogs. She loves animals, and is very passionate about helping animals, especially elephants, polar bears, and sea turtles. Taylor is also very passionate about Disney and loves any type of adventure. In addition to these things, Taylor would also like to be able to travel the world, eat new foods, and help others.

Abby Koesser, Garrett Mills

Abby Koesser

Abby Koesser is a sophomore at Louisburg High School. She has lived in Louisburg her entire life. She is a member of LEOs, yearbook, band, and Spanish Club. Abby has a love of reading and photography. She aspires to be a biochemical engineer someday. She has always had a love of science and hopes to use that in her future career.

Garrett Mills

Garrett Mills is a student at Louisburg High School, as well as a full-time geek. He is involved in the Band, Scholars' Bowl, and Debate, and has received the President's Award for Academic Excellence. Garrett is an award-winning application developer, and has worked on numerous projects for more than 6 years. He enjoys running, music much older than he is, and, most notably, science-fiction. Armed with this love for sci-fi, Garrett has participated in a number of robotics competitions, and instructed NXT robotics for 3 years. With his love for technology, he hopes to pursue a career in computer science.

Lilie Jorgensen

Lilie Jorgensen is a sophomore at Louisburg High School. She has participated in Band, Jazz Band, Select Choir, and two school musicals. Out of school she volunteers at homeless shelters, animal shelters, and Piccadilly Productions theater camps, puppet shows, and acting classes, she is part of the KCC pet project and sang in Kansas' district choir in 2015. Special talents include speaking fluent Norwegian, singing, acting, and helping people! Lilie is a Methodist and is a member of Louisburg United Methodist Church. Her hobbies include volunteering, singing, drawing, painting, puppetry, acting, white water kayaking, and rock climbing. She loves animals, and has had 9 dogs, 4 cats, 3 snakes, and 4 birds, not including her siblings pets over the years.

Carson Tappan

Carson Tappan is a junior attending Louisburg High School. He is actively involved in both the debate and forensics programs, among other activities and clubs at LHS. Carson is most known for his work as an independent filmmaker. In 2015, Carson released his first feature documentary, Where the Buffaloed Roam: An Ode to the Kansas Budget, a satirical, yet critical look on the current Kansas budget crisis. The film received acclaim from audiences and was an official selection and award winner at the 2015 Kansas City Film Festival. The documentary has also been viewed over fifteen thousand times on his YouTube channel. Carson is currently working on a second documentary film that will be released in late 2016 or early 2017. After high school, Carson hopes to pursue a degree in film, preferably in Los Angeles.

Spencer Rogers

Spencer Rogers has lived out in the country south of Louisburg for the last 18 years, and has had the pleasure of going to Louisburg schools for the entirety of his academic career. He's a senior this year, and has been involved in a whole menagerie of somewhat nerdy activities, including band, jazz band, math club, scholar’s bowl, model UN, Spanish club, forensics, and National Honor Society. Spencer has also ran cross country and track for the past 2 years, though his running career has been marred by mediocrity. In his brief and incredibly rare moments of free time, he enjoys music, spending time with friends, and stressing out about all the things he need to do but hasn't done yet. After graduation, he will attend the University of Kansas Honors Program to study molecular biology with a specialization in genetics and the treatment of hereditary diseases. After KU, he plans on transferring to graduate school (Dartmouth is his dream school) to pursue a Ph.D. in medical genetics and gene therapy. Being able to combine his interest and passion for all things genetics with the opportunity to help others is Spencer's life dream.

Abigail Bergman

Abigail Bergman is a people person through and through, but she also enjoy the time spent alone with a good book and a cup of chai tea. Abigail values her family and friends, even if they occasionally quarrel during a competitive game of Settlers of Catan, her favorite board game. As a senior at Louisburg High School, she has had the privilege of participating in a number of activities, such as band, cross country, forensics, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Next year, Abigail plans on attending the University of Kansas and enrolling in the School of Business to study Business Marketing.

Jennifer Straub

Jennifer Straub is a senior at LHS. She is very involved in the band program, has been 3rd chair trumpet at state band, and has gotten several one ratings at state for solos. She is also a Kansas State Scholar and a member of the National Honor Society. Jennifer aspires to be a writer and editor, the ultimate goal being to create impactful media. Next year she will attend the University of Kansas Honors College and major in English.

Lexi Shaner

Alexandra Shaner is a senior here at Louisburg high school. She has been involved in concert band for 2 years, jazz band for 1 year, debate for 2 years, forensics for 2 years, and marching band for 2 years. Lexi has also been involved in many church events. SHe love debate and plans to go to Washburn University to study law.

Aubrey Prettyman

Aubrey is a sophomore at Louisburg High School. She’s involved with many church and school activities, including marching, concert, and jazz bands, photo/video club (PVC). In her free time she enjoys art and video making, and working with digital design. Aubrey has a passion for people, and after high school plans to become a teacher.